Tom Schuster

as Gustl Wanninger/Jesus
Role: Gustl Wanninger, son of the art carpenter Leopold Wanninger, lives a quiet life in the Lower Bavarian village of Radlkofen. He helps his father in the workshop and devotes his free time to magic. One day he is "discovered"...
Tom Schuster is a martial artist and actor from Passau, Germany. As assistant to Grand Master Dai-Sifu Reimers, he heads the Martial Arts Academy Munich Schwabing. He teaches unarmed and armed hand-to-hand combat (Wing Tsung and Escrima). He also trained at the "Iwanson - International School of Contemporary Dance" in Munich and since then has appeared in various dance theatres, musicals, plays, short films and TV series.
Theatre / Musical: Little Shop of Horrors, West Side Story, Linie 1, The Rocky Horror Show, Lost Highway Show
Film: Nice Suicide, Final Curtain, A Munich Nightmare
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Stefanie Mendoni

as Babsi Boxleitner
Role: Babsi Boxleitner is the smart partner and secretary of advertising agency boss Harry Sandmann. She likes her Harry, but doesn't let him hold her own and has a mind of her own. The fun-loving young woman is attracted to Gustl Wanninger and plunges into a dangerous adventure...
Stefanie Mendoni studied acting in New York and her hometown Munich and has worked as an independent actress since then. She also teaches Ashtanga Yoga and is an avid practitioner herself.
Theatre: Der Blaue Engel, Schrödingers Katze haut ab, Die Offene Zweierbeziehung, Bezahlt wird Nicht!, Der Vorname, Die Räuber
Film: Stefanie Mendoni is active in various film and television productions. Currently she is the female lead for the film "Schmucklos" in front of the camera.
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Michael Foerster

as Harry Sandmann
Role: Harry Sandmann, a successful owner of an advertising agency, is under pressure. He is looking for a new idea for his whisky advertising campaign and customers want results. His life in the Munich chiceria with his wife and lover is at stake. He has already invested too much in the campaign. When he meets Gustl Wanninger, he thinks he's hit the jackpot. But everything turns out differently.
Michael Foerster was born in Mainz, Germany. He completed his acting training at the Athanor Academy for Performing Arts, Film and Television in Passau. He also attended the Bavarian Academy for Film and Television and Bernard Hiller's International Acting Masterclasses. He has appeared in many plays, film and television productions.

Theatre: Romeo und Julia, Hysterikon, Die Vögel, Der Impresario von Smima

Television: Tatort, Die Rosenheim-Cops, Soko 5113, Hubert und Staller

Film: Tsunami – das Leben danach, Annas Heimkehr
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Matthias Kostya

as Lenz Stöger
Role: Commissioner Lorenz (Lenz) Stöger is a conscientious policeman. He doesn't let appearances deceive him and never jumps to conclusions. Privately he has a great longing for Italy, where he met his wife and got married...

Matthias Kostya was born in Munich as the son of radio presenter Georg Kostya. He completed his training at the New Munich Acting School. For more than 25 years he has played more than 20 leading roles at the theatre, on television and film.

Musical: Jesus Christ Superstar, Elisabeth, Victor-Victoria, Buddy Holly, Grease, Falsettos, Into The Woods, Bussi – Das Munical, Pygmalion, The Threepenny Opera

Theatre: Drei Musketiere, Kabale und Liebe, Die Möve, Käthchen von Heilbronn

Television: Rosenheim-Cops, München 7, Bloch, Der Alte, SOKO München
Film: Elja – 376 A.D., Cafe Europa, Anna

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Supporting roles


Franz Westner
as Walter Lutrop

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Werner Bauer
as Holy Spirit

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Verena Rendtorff
as Mrs Sandmann/Eva

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David Tobias Schneider
as Pastor Dominik/Judas

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Thorsten Schmidt
as Snotty sen./Disciple
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Ottfried Fischer
as Buddha
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Ralph M. Küster
as Monsignore Hauptmann
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Christian Steinfelder
as Kurt Reitmeier
Social & Contact:
Egbert Soutschek
as Minister President
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Erika Fischer-Laughlin
as Maria Wanninger
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Johannes Glocke
as Leopold Wanninger
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Eva Hermann
as Sarah Apfelböck
Social & Contact:
Katharina Mehlich
as Maria Magdalena/Gina/Helene
Social & Contact:
Jessica Ann Sy
as Snotty's lover/Disciple
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Andreas Haun
as secretary/Ballad singer
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Carla Steinwender
as House keeper/Martha
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Other roles


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