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15. September 2018
19. September 2018


A mysterious young man from the country is hired by an advertising agency to advertise a Bavarian whisky brand as a "Jesus" actor. He rises to the status of celebrated media star, but at the height of his success he gets involved in a bizarre series of murders...

The independent feature Holy Spirit was produced by Mama's Secrets Filmproduktion / Don't Tell Mama e. V. Munich, a non-profit association for the promotion of young art. The funding was provided by crowdfunding, donations and private funds. Mentor of the association is Ottfried Fischer, who can also be seen in a guest appearance.

Country of production: Germany
Original Language: German
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Year of publication: 2018
Length: 97 Minuten
Age rating: 16 years and older
Quality: 4K
Producer: Don't Tell Mama e. V. /
Mama's Secrets Film Production
Executive Producer: Josef Brandmaier
Co-Producer: Karin Lüders
Director and screenplay: Mike Baran
Camera: Massimo Fiorito
Music: Richard Dana Laughlin, Mani Gruber,
Marcus Lee, Jon Falke, Werner Bauer
Sounddesign: Mani Gruber
Leading roles: Tom Schuster, Stefanie Mendoni,
Michael Foerster, Matthias Kostya
Special Guest: Ottfried Fischer
Awards: so far 30 prizes at 21 international
film festivals, 11 further nominations


noho-cinefest-selection 350

North Hollywood CineFest: Official selection and public screening

move-me-awards 350

Move Me Productions Belgium Film Festival: Award Best Feature Film

ficocc-awards 350

Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela: 9 Awards

latitude-awards 350

Latitude Film Awards, London:
8 Awards

arff-barcelona-selection 350

Around Film Festival Barcelona: Award Best Trailer


So far 30 prizes at 21 international film festivals and 11 further nominations

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